Say Hi! to a tailor-made Madrid

Biduzz connects travelers visiting Madrid with local experts through a private chat.

Free Service
Plan ahead and enjoy great tips on how to arrange your stay in Madrid before you depart. Get in touch with your travel advisor before you travel and obtain general information about Madrid (monuments or places to visit), transportation services within the city or airport services.
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Premium Service
Local Expert
Get the personal assistance of an Expert in Madrid while you are in the city and make the most of your stay. Get local tips and information easily on your smartphone. Book any travel service you may need, from tours, visits and activities to transfers or accommodation..
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Improve your trip with tours and activities

Book them through a chat with a Local Expert

A Local Expert in Madrid will be available to you while your stay in the city. Make the most of it by booking great tours and activities. Also get the best info regarding shows, events, shopping, restaurants...

Your Biduzzer is always ready to help you

Before, during and after your trip

Located accross the world, they share their knowledge and expertise with you to create a 100% tailor-made trip, making sure that you make the most of your trip while traveling.

100% tailor made trips

Our Biduzzers specialize in creating unique and inspiring trips, no matter what kind of trip: an exotic cruise, a weekend getaway or a trip around the world.

Travel as a local

Enjoy your destination as a local. Always assisted by a Biduzzer who knows your destination by heart and is willing to help you to live a unique experience on your trip.

Whenever you need it

Your Biduzzer will be available on your smartphone to assist with your travel needs.